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Los Angeles may be the City of Angels, however, there are still plenty of individuals with less than angelic intentions. That’s why you might need Ball Security to ensure that your property, whether residential or commercial, is able to operate safely and securely.

Unarmed Guards

Firstly, Ball Security is able to offer a dispatch of unarmed guards to protect you and your property. Our security guards have undergone rigorous training and recruitment processes, including several interviews in order to ensure they are in the perfect state of mind to offer you the required services. Alongside drug tests and California’s Power of Arrest course, our unarmed guards are ideally placed to protect your property.

All of the above factors mean that our services are oriented towards protecting our clients through de-escalation and threat prevention. By avoiding violence and conflict where possible, our highly trained guards are able to protect your property without having to get involved in a physical capacity. Events and compounds in Los Angeles need not worry with our unarmed guards in place.

Armed Guards

In the same way as our unarmed guards have to undergo an intensive recruitment process, our armed guards have an even more thorough vetting process. Their training includes advanced firearms courses and in-depth psychological evaluations, with the intent of ensuring that only the most professional of guards are able to be armed.

Having armed guards on-site allows a greater level of leverage for your guards. When guards are armed, they are able to use that fact to de-escalate situations. The goal of any armed guard is not to use their weapon to win a conflict, but rather to use their weapon to stop conflict arising in the first place.

Fire Watch Services

Fire watch services can be incredibly important, especially with fires having taken hold of California in recent years. Our fire watch teams may not specialize in wildfires, but are highly trained in fire prevention techniques, and keep close and constant contact with fire departments and clients to prevent fires from taking hold. Keeping in close touch with fire codes and regulations, our fire watch teams are able to protect your property from the threat of fires.

Roving Patrols

Some properties just can’t be protected with stationed guards in set locations due to their size. This is where Ball Security and our roving patrols come in. Our fleet of vehicles can operate on any routes of your choice, at the hours that you think they’re needed. The tailored service we offer ensures that you’ll be as secure as you need.

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