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The Oakland area is often renowned for a relatively high crime rate, and what better way to ensure that your commercial or residential property is safe and secure than by hiring one of the best private security companies around. Here at Ball Security, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure that your company or home remains unaffected.

Unarmed Guards

Our first service is the ability to offer you unarmed guards. Ball Security is staffed by unarmed security guards who have all gone through an intensive recruitment process, which includes multiple interviews to establish our guards’ state of mind, drug tests to guarantee that our employees are clean, and the BSIS California Power of Arrest course.

All of these factors mean that our guards are able to provide a professional service which is friendly, yet firm when it comes to dealing with threats. From de-escalation to threat prevention, you can rest assured in the hands of our professionals.

Armed Guards

Like our unarmed guards, armed guards have to go through a strenuous recruitment process. Only the most professional guards get a role as an armed guard, and these guards have to undergo further background checks and firearms courses to ensure that they can safely operate.

The presence of armed guards increases the ability of unarmed guards, not by offering a gun, but by giving a professional guard more options and leverage in a de-escalation scenario. Where possible our guards avoid the use of firearms, as our highly trained guards can bring situations to a safe conclusion. Gun deaths have been rising across California, so armed guards in Oakland can keep you secure.

Fire Watch Services

Our fire watch services are just as highly trained as our guard service, offering a close look into fire-prevention strategies. We will not only offer local county requirements when it comes to fire prevention, but we will quickly get in contact with fire departments and clients in order to ensure that any significant damage can be mitigated. When it comes to fire watch services, we are the best service for the job.

Roving Patrols

Our large fleet of patrol vehicles and dedicated guards have a high level of experience when it comes to protecting large compounds, campuses and other forms of property. Sometimes the best way to guard property is by examining the entire area repeatedly, which can only be achieved by using a custom solution. The rounds and hours will be entirely defined by the client, so you can receive all the support you could possibly need.

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