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The city of Sacramento and its greater region are growing fast especially with the exodus from the Bay Area. With big crowds come more crime. Ball Security & Patrol Services is a top rated security guard and fire-watch firm serving sacramento for over 10 years.

Our selection of services includes:

Unarmed security guard service

All of our unarmed security guards are highly skilled and trained to protect your premises from intruders while remaining professional and courteous at all times and in any situation. All guards must pass our meticulous selection process, which involves thorough background checks, drug tests and multiple level interviews before passing the exclusive California BSIS Power of Arrest course. If you’re not comfortable for your security guard to carry a firearm, one of our unarmed security guards will have all the skills required to deescalate situations and prevent violence, vandalism and theft.

Armed security guard service

If you are looking for elevated security, then our armed security guard service is second-to-none. At Ball Security and Patrol Services, we understand that carrying a firearm is no small matter, which is why all of our armed security guards must complete the California Power of Arrest course, our intensive firearm course and endure thorough background checks with local and state law enforcement agencies, the DOJ and the FBI. Our armed security guards all have a wealth of experience working in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the Sacramento area, so you can rest in the knowledge that they will have the skills and experience required to handle any situation.

Fire-watch service

Fire can cause irreparable damage to both your home and business, which is why we offer the best fire-watch service in Sacramento to be ready to dispatch to your residential or commercial property 24/7. All of our fire watch personnel are highly trained to take the steps required to respond to a fire and our in-house team is in constant contact with our clients and local fire departments in case an emergency were to arise.

Roving patrol

If you require your security guard to patrol your premises in a vehicle, we have a fleet of dedicated driver security guards to provide a flexible and reliable patrol service. At Ball Security & Patrol Services, we know that no two jobs are the same, which is why we provide all our clients with custom solutions to meet their individual needs. Simply choose the days you would like your roving patrol to be in operation, how many rounds they should do and the hours that they should work.

For more information about our security services in Sacramento, get in touch with our team at Ball Security and Patrol Services by giving us a call today.

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