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The San Francisco Bay Area should be a safe haven for everyone living in and visiting it. However, there are sadly those that have surreptitious intentions and could pose a serious threat to yourself, friends, and family. If you’re concerned about the safety of a property, whether it be commercial or residential, read on to discover more about how Ball Security could help.

Unarmed Guards

Our highly professional dispatches of unarmed guards are ideal for situations wherein you want protection without weapons and the escalation that this could cause. All of our unarmed guards have to undergo extensive training before going on active duty, so you can rest assured that you will receive protection with only the best mental and physical capacities.

Compounds and events can also take advantage of our skilled unarmed guards, who are each tested for drugs and have their backgrounds vetted before being hired. You can negate violence and confrontation by opting for unarmed guards.

Armed Guards

Though our unarmed guards go through a thorough, deep examination and training process before going out on a job, our fleets of armed guards go through it even more vigorously. We take weapon handling seriously, resulting in every armed guard undergoing advanced weapon training and unparalleled psychological examinations during the vetting process.

Armed guards are ideal for larger-scale events or to be issued on-site to properties of great value. Having the addition of weapons ensures a greater level of protection should it unfortunately come to it. Our guards will first and foremost use their weapons as a form of deterrence and prevention, not escalation.

Fire Watch Services

Each member of our highly qualified fire watch teams are trained in a variety of fire prevention techniques, as well as being frequently educated on the latest fire regulations and laws. In liaison with the local fire departments, our fire watch teams are the next best thing to firefighters themselves.

Though not trained in wildfires, our fire watch team will put everything on the line to keep you safe.

Roving Patrols

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to just invest in on-foot protection alone. When circumstances call, let the Ball Security roving patrol team answer. We can deploy a fleet of hardy vehicles along any route you choose, during the hours you need, offering an unmatched level of security.

No matter which type of security you opt for, Ball Security’s level of expertise, professionalism, and dedication means your safety is always of paramount importance.

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