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Skilled and Certified Armed Guards

Becoming an armed security guard in California is no small matter, especially if you want to work for Ball Security and Patrol Services. Our armed Guards are the most professional you will find. Before they even get considered for hiring, they have to take and pass the California Power of Arrest course just like an unarmed security guard. In addition, they take the intensive firearm course and have to pass multiple level background checks with the FBI, DOJ, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Before being assigned a post, Ball Security and Patrol Services performs a multilevel interview process, personality tests and drug tests to make sure you’re getting the best armed security guards in the state of California.

Our armed guards have worked in the toughest neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento area. An armed guard’s best asset is not his gun but his experience and skills to bring tense and difficult situations to a safe ending. Here at Ball Security and Patrol Services, we understand that firsthand.

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