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Fire watch service

Ball Security & Patrol Services is proud to offer our professional fire watch service to residents and businesses from all over the San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Oakland areas.

What is a fire watch service?

A fire watch service is a safety precaution designed to make sure that your property and assets are effectively protected from the threat of fire. Fire watch services are ideal for premises with an elevated fire risk, such as hazardous demolition areas and ‘hot’ work areas, but they can also be used in times where your sprinklers and alarm systems are deactivated for a long period of time.

A fire watch monitor is an employee that is solely responsible for keeping an eye out for and monitoring fire risks while ensuring that adequate fire safety practices are maintained throughout your premises. Sometimes, fire watch services are required for your property to comply to fire safety regulations, but it’s also a good option if you want your premises to have extra protection for your own peace of mind. If you think that your property is at a particularly high risk of fire that could pose a significant danger to your assets and employees, then hiring a professional fire watch service could give you the assurance you need that your premises are in safe hands.

Why choose our fire watch services?

Ball Security and Patrol Services has a team of qualified and experienced fire watch staff to help eliminate any fire risks from your property and ensure that you remain compliant to your local council fire safety regulations. Our highly trained staff will gather an intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of your residential or commercial premises and will remain on-site and alert for as long as they are required.

Our in-house team will be in close contact with your fire watch personnel and the local fire department in case any emergency arises. Our personnel are fully equipped to take the steps required to ensure that your property and staff remain as safe as possible, and in case of emergency, they will be standing by ready to be dispatched 24/7.

If you’re interested in learning more about our fire watch services or our other security services, get in touch with our team today at Ball Security and Patrol Services.

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